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I grew up in what I now consider a small town in the southern US, although my life there was so full that I didn't realize it was small at the time. My brother and I lived with our Mom and stepfather during the week and weekends with our Dad and stepmother(s). Early life was that of a typical kid in the late 70's early 80's - that is to say pretty sheltered, but as was the case with the size of our town, when you don't have a benchmark for comparison you think you have seen everything.

I was trained as an Economist, but have spent my professional life working in the world of electronic commerce and payment technologies so the training really only helps me to somewhat understand some of the terms I see in the Wall Street Journal Online every day.

Met a great girl, got married and several years later had ourselves a great little girl of our own. Now she's big(ger) and we help her follow her own passions in our spare time.

Career has moved us from the Southeast to the Inter-Mountain West to the great state of Texas and now we live in a Midwestern city that we're not quite adjusted to yet (cold weather, baaad Mexican food).

Although everyone says in their bio that they like to travel, we CRAVE traveling and always have a couple of trips in the planning or "upcoming" stage. We spend more weekends away from home than we do at home.


technology, gadgets, photography, things that burn fossil fuels, family stuff, getting out there and looking around